OCC is the premier manufacturer of military ground tactical fiber optic cable and connectivity solutions for the U.S. military. Our broad product offering for military tactical applications is built on the evolution of fundamental technologies designed to provide end users with components that are easy to install, provide a high degree of reliability and offer outstanding performance characteristics.

OCC’s fiber optic cables and connectors have been qualified to the most demanding military specifications, including:

  • MIL-PRF-85045/8A Ground Tactical Fiber Optic Cable (U.S. DoD)
  • A3159879 Ground Tactical Fiber Optic Cable (U.S. Army CECOM)
  • MIL-PRF-29504 Fiber Optic Connector Termini
  • MIL-C-83522 Fiber Optic Connectors
  • A3159869 and A3302584 “TFOCA” Ground Tactical Fiber Optic Connectors (U.S. Army CECOM)
  • A3159864 and A3302584 Ground Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (U.S. Army CECOM)
  • Def-Stan 60-1, Part 3 Ground Tactical Fiber Optic Cable (U.K. MOD)
  • DoD certified facility for MIL-STD-790G, High-Reliability Manufacturing Requirements for Military Suppliers

Coupled with deployable systems built for easy implementation and retrieval, OCC’s military products are designed for the needs of the soldier – rugged and reliable – time and time again.

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Why Use Fiber Optic Cable in a tactical environment?

The 5 primary advantages of fiber optic cable over conventional coax cable:

  1. Repeaterless Communications
    • Fiber Optic – Repeaters every 16 kms (or more)
    • Coax – Repeaters every 500 meters
  2. Weight
    • Coax cable weighs approx. 5 times more than equivalent lengths of fiber optic cable
    • 16 kilometers of coax cable weighs approx. 2,800 kgs, 16 kilometers of fiber optic cable weigh approx. 550 kgs
  3. Higher Bandwidth
    • Optimized for applications requiring mulitplexed voice, data, and video signals
  4. Security
    • All dielectric. No signature
    • Not affected by EMI or RFI
    • Very difficult to tap. Reduces need for encryption
  5. Rugged
    • More rugged than coax
    • No memory

A fully qualified ground tactical fiber optic communications cable for military applications.

Announcing MIL-PRF-85045/8A certified fiber optic cables. Field Proven... Now Certified. Optical Cable Corporation has always manufactured the most rugged and robust fiber optic cables for the military ground tactical market—field proven cables relied on by defense agencies around the world.

Now, the United States Defense Logistics Agency has certified Optical Cable Corporation as an approved manufacturer of qualified ground tactical fiber optic cables in accordance with MIL-PRF-85045/8A.

This certification was granted after subjecting these fiber optic cable products to an exhaustive series of optical, mechanical, and environmental tests to ensure full compliance to the demanding requirements of the United States military.

Why Use Fiber Optic Cable in a tactical environment?

Benefits of Using Optical Fiber Over Coax (traditional field communications media)

Benefits of Using OCC Military Cables

Features Benefit
Hard Elastometric
Secondary Buffer
Wide operating temperature /
greater impact resistance
Helically Stranded
Cable Core
Highly resistant to bend and flex
Tightbound Pull and Tear Resistant
Core-Locked™ Higher Tension / Bend / Tear /
Water / Crush / Impact

Optical Cable Corporation's Excellent Tight Buffered Technology offers proven materials that are:

  • UV inhibited
  • Fungus resistant
  • Water resistant for outdoor use
  • Impervious to fluids
  • Tear resistant