Mining companies are upgrading their infrastructure to improve safety and maximize profitability. Utilizing the capacity and capability of fiber optic cabling systems, mines can operate more cost-effectively and with greater efficiency. OCC cables and connectivity components help facilitate higher productivity in areas such as:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Security
  • Intrinsically Safe Areas
  • Automation
  • Production Rates and Yields
  • Equipment Control and Monitoring
  • Voice/Data/Video Communications

OCC’s unique cabling and connectivity configurations provide long-term reliability, security and even reusability in mines.

Our fiber optic cables are designed and manufactured to meet high-survivability standards to endure severe mechanical and environmental stress. Exactly the kind of stress you see in harsh, demanding mining operations.

OCC’s connectivity products are not only rugged, durable connections, but are also easy to install, providing solutions for the most demanding mining applications.

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MSHA-approved cables and connectivity products for the Mining market, choose from the following:

What makes OCC Mining products superior?

OCC Mining solutions start with tough fiber optic cables. Our MSHA-rated cables are optimized to withstand the rigors of difficult cable pulls, high tensile loading and severe crush occurrences and can repeatedly endure the abuse associated with the extreme demands in surface and sub-surface mining. Where standard fiber optic cables are likely to fail, OCC’s MSHA cables are particularly well-suited to survive the harsh environment associated with mining applications. Factors that make OCC's MSHA-rated fiber optic cables ideal for the mining industry include:

  • OCC’s special Core-Locked™ jacket is extruded under high pressure directly over the cable’s core, resulting in the internal surface of the cable jacket having helical cusped ridges that interlock with the subcables. This helps keep the cable cross-section circular for better crush and impact protection and superior tear resistance during installation.
  • Helical stranding is a time-tested cable construction design proven to provide flexibility, survival in difficult pulls and excellent mechanical protection for the optical fibers. This design ensures that no one particular element of the cable receives more stress than the other elements – thus equalizing the stress load associated with particularly tough installations.
  • Our water-blocked fiber optic cables provide the best water protection system available by combining the inherent water tolerant features of tight-buffered and Core Locked™ tight bound cable with super absorbent polymer aramid yarn. This design provides superb water-blocking performance while retaining the termination cost advantages of totally gel-free and powder-free tight-buffered cable.
  • OCC’s Ultra-Fox™ and Ultra-Fox™ Plus cables feature a unique fiber construction consisting of a primary coating of a UV-cured acrylate material and a tight fitting secondary coating that provides an extraordinary level of protection.

All of these factors make OCC's cables a practical and reliable means of high capacity data transmission in challenging environments without the delicacy normally associated with traditional fiber optic cables.

To compliment our MSHA cables, OCC manufactures a variety of rugged multi-channel fiber optic and electro-optic connectors. One such family of products is our compact Mini-Hermaphroditic Connector (MHC® II) . These connectors are available in both multimode and single-mode versions as well as electro-optic design, and, along with many of OCC’s harsh environment connectors, are hermaphroditic. This allows cable assemblies to be daisy-chained together, making it simple to extend the underground fiber optic backbone system without the need for gender-changing adapters. Power or control signals for active equipment may be supplied using hybrid connector options that add electrical and optical signals within the same connector body. These connectors withstand extreme environmental demands and they are specifically designed for reliable data transmission signals.

To compliment the OCC mining system , OCC offers the Modular Advanced Reel System, or MARS, a lightweight, durable system constructed of a high impact glass reinforced polymer that is easily transported and ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently. Available with a multitude of storage and deployment accessories, the MARS system allows mining operations to easily replace fiber optic segments with limited down time.