Oil & Gas

The global demand for oil and gas has caused the rapid expansion and investment of infrastructures where anytime, anywhere connectivity is no longer an option but a requirement. Recognizing the need for improved systems to ensure safety, productivity and harsh environment durability, companies are looking to fiber optics for improving operational performance and accuracy.

OCC’s Oil & Gas solutions provide a robust communications network for the challenges of this industry. Designed to withstand harsh environments, OCC’s products sustain end-to-end systems capable of supporting DCS/PLC automation/control architectures, SCADA systems, CCTV /IPTV/CATV networks, and numerous other essential applications. Able to deliver long-term, reliable performance for today’s upstream, midstream and downstream application challenges, OCC delivers products and solutions that boost reliability, performance and efficiency for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

The Challenges of the Oil & Gas Industry

Global demand for oil, gas and petroleum-based products has reached record levels. The industry is continuing to search for ways to reduce operating costs, improve productivity through automation, increase safety precautions, and exploit new fields. In addition, increasing demands have required oil and gas exploration and production to move to harsher environments – colder, hotter, and deeper. On top of all these requirements, oil and gas operators and EPCs struggle with designing the communications infrastructures to transform aging systems into today’s modern technology. Communications equipment must be reliable and able to withstand the challenges of working in this sector.

OCC’s harsh environment solutions for Oil and Gas applications provide consistent communication architectures based on high-quality products that boost reliability, availability, and performance, throughout the entire life cycle of an asset. Developed on OCC’s experience with extreme environments and our history of exceptional performance, our integrated solutions support DCS/PLC automation/control architectures, SCADA systems, CCTV /IPTV/CATV networks and numerous other applications essential to the oil and gas industry.

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OCC's harsh environment solutions for Oil & Gas applications support:

  • SCADA (for pipeline control and monitoring, and wellhead automation)
  • CCTV and physical security
  • LAN/WAN communication infrastructures for shore-to-platform and inter-platform connections
  • Offshore rig automation
  • Land-based rig automation
  • Communication systems
  • GEO systems
  • Safety monitoring systems
  • DCS/PLC automation/control systems
  • Satellite uplink networks