Ideal for Campus LANs, Data Centers and Entrance Facilities, OCC offers the Fibreguard™ Enclosure, a complete and fully accessible fiber closure solution. The Fibreguard™ enclosure was engineered with the contractor in mind by providing an express cable port design and an innovative end plate design with segmented sections that allow for individual access to each cable without disruption to surrounding cables. Additionally, a full line of multi-hole grommets ensure the ultimate level of flexibility. Re-entry is quick and requires no special tools or kits. Moreover, the Fibreguard™ enclosure provides a connectivity solution that was specifically designed for an ever-evolving telecommunications network.
  • No special tools required
  • Easy future drop cable installation
  • No gas equipment cost
  • Mechanical cable and closure sealing system
  • Expandable split grommets
  • Multi-drop ability from one port
  • Wide opening express cable ports
  • Extensive size of cable ranges accepted
  • Proven "O" ring sealing system from dome to end plate
  • Flash testing to prove closure integrity
  • Minimal cable preparation required
  • Cost effective

Instruction Sheets