• On-stage stabilized cameras
  • Cameras mounted on jibs
  • Any place where cameras need to move quickly and easily
  • Mobile production trucks


  • Compatible with SMPTE 311 Standards
  • Rugged, cut-resistant, abrasion-resistant polyurethane Jacket
  • Lightweight (lightest weight OCC SMPTE cable offering)
  • 500µm acrylate fiber for added durability – same fiber as is used in OCC’s military grade products!
  • Aramid central strength member for increased flexibility over cables made with steel strength members
  • Cotton filler and nylon overwrap help minimize cable migration during flexing
  • 95% braided shield coverage


  • 2 Fiber count
  • PN: C-006HBAD5KB
  • Diameter: 7.8 mm (0.31 in)
  • Weight: 100kg/km (67 lbs/1000’)
  • Minimum Bend radius: 3.9 cm (1.5 in)