DIN Rail Enclosures


OCC’s line of DIN Rail fiber optic and copper enclosures offer a rugged and versatile product line ideal for secure terminations within industrial settings. Utilizing OCC’s existing 600 series adapter plates, the DTC product family is based on a proven design that offers versatility and
ease of installation. The enclosures can accommodate one or two OCC adapter plates and include a splice block for fusion splicing up to 12 fibers. Velcro cable ties for managing proper cable bend radius are also included. The DIN Rail enclosure features a fixed outer housing
and a sliding inner housing with a hinged door providing access to the terminated cable. A capture screw secures the inner housing and can be removed in order to detach the inner housing completely from the enclosure. Upgrades or modifications to the existing network structure can be made as easily as changing an adapter plate.

In addition, the DIN Rail enclosures are manufactured with a robust all metal construction that protects the cable terminations in even the most adverse environmental conditions. Its compact size allows for minimum space requirements when installed in control cabinets. And most importantly, this uncomplicated family of enclosures for industrial communications fits nicely with the entire line of fiber optic connectivity components and cable from OCC.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact size for limited space requirements
  • Quick snap-on installation onto any standard 35mm DIN rail
  • Sliding inner housing with hinged door and capture screw simplifies installations
  • All-metal construction ensures durable and reliable terminations
  • Interior cable management for proper bend radius requirements
  • Options for cable entry and exit grommets or glands
    • Grommet hole size 1” diameter
    • Cable gland can accommodate 0.250 - 0.485” cable OD
  • Grounding screws included for equipment protection
  • Can be kitted, pre-loaded or factory pre-terminated


  • Industrial Automation
  • Transportation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation and Transmission
  • Mining